Esquire Magazine May 2012


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It's a Wonderful World When Jazz Touches Your Soul

"I had to come back and really listen again. You're a monster player. I sure hope to talk about your experiences with the other masters. You are one also!" Mark Mosley

"To all concerned! Next to God, Jerry Byrd is the main influence on my life as a musician and jazz guitarist. I have a very successful career as a guitarist because of Jerry!
Thank you Jerry! Swing on!
Jacques Lesure

One of the Greatest Things in Life is to be Blessed With Playing Music

My journey has been full of great people and spectacular shows all around the world. I have seen many things and through this website I want to share more of what it's really like to live the dream of jazz. So, Check out my events page and follow me on Facebook for announcements of my upcoming tour dates.

The Story Behind My Gibson L5 Guitar

Back in the day, a dear friend and mentor of mine, the great Wes Montgomery, gave me his Gibson L5 guitar. Kevin Eubanks from The Tonight Show and George Benson both said to me, "If you ever sell that guitar, let me know." So, a few years later I eventually did sell that guitar to George Benson. But, as part of the deal he gave me his similar Gibson L5 Florentine Cutaway, which is what I still play to this day.